Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tommy Lasorda Signing - Recap & Photos

Along with Ramon Martinez & Andre Ethier, Tommy Lasorda was at Frank & Son on Saturday June 18th for an autograph signing.  You can read my recap and see photos of Ramon Martinez here  As expensive as a ticket was to get Tommy's autograph, I couldn't pass up the opportunity because i've always had bad luck when it comes to getting Tommy's autograph at the Stadium or spring training.  My ticket was within the first 65 so I got my autograph pretty quickly.  There were alot of people there to see Tommy.  He would talk some but pretty much signed quick and kept the line moving.  As always, was really friendly with kids.  My 18 year old nephew got a ball signed by Tommy and commented to me afterward that Tommy kept picking his teeth and wiping his finger on the tablecloth.  I could only laugh.

Here are pics of my ball and boblehead I got signed by Tommy -

Tommy getting ready to sit down
My ball signed by Tommy with the Hall of Fame inscription
Tommy's SGA bobblehead from 2001
Tommy's signature on the bill of the cap.

Check back later for my pictures & recap of Andre Ethier's autograph session.

True to the Blue!


  1. I'm jealous. The bobblehead looks amazing!

  2. Sorry I missed meeting you there, Martin. Nice items and signatures.

  3. DB - thanks! I like the way the bobblehead came out too.
    Evan - yeah, sorry i missed you too. thanks!