Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ramon Martinez Signing - Recap & Photos

Yesterday, June 18th, was the Ramon Martinez, Andre Ethier, Tommy Lasorda autograph signign at Frank & Son.  Fernando Valenzuela and Tony Gwynn Jr. also had signings at other locations but I attended the signing at Frank & Son.  I arrived with my nephew at 10:00am and Ramon was scheduled to start his signing at 10:30am.  At around 10:25am they started lining up in order.  My ticket was within the first 10 so I was in the first group to enter the line.

Ramon was pretty cool and was more talkative with the fans that spoke to him in spanish.  He was very gracious & kept the line moving.

Here are a couple of pics of Ramon and the ball he signed for me.

Check back later for pictures & recap of the Ethier & Lasorda signings.

True to the Blue!


  1. Your ball turned out real nice.

    Did they mention any future Dodger appearances?

  2. DB - Hall of Fame Sports has the Frank Howard & Bill Singer signing July 9 and Honabach & Sons has Kemp & Gwynn Jr. on July 30th. HOF Sports also had a flyer advertising two more Dodger Days on October 1st and November 5th. I'm sure they will start announcing names soon

  3. Yeah, I knew about those first four. I'm gonna try to go to Howard and Singer. I hope they get someone good in October and November.

  4. I hope so nephew said he overheard one of their employees that was working crowd control mention a World Series signing with alot of players. Don't know if it would be 81 team, 88 team or what. I didn't have a chance to ask, but next time i'm there, i'm gonna hit up their booth and ask them