Monday, June 6, 2011

Mike Scioscia Offers His Opinion on Posey Collision and Possible Rule Changes

You can read Evan from the Opinion of Kingmans Performance blog post on Buster Posey's collision and other notable home plate collisions by clicking on the link opinionofkingmansperformance

Here is the post I wrote about Scioscia's collision with Jack Clark truetotheblue81

Well, Mike Scioscia has chimed in with his opinion on Posey's collision with Florida Marlin Scott Cousins.  In an interview with Fox Sports writer Joe McDonnell, Scioscia said the following about a possible rule change"

Tell me how they're supposed to write the rule, a runner would have to run in a certain area and not change course during a bang-bang play? Who decides where that area is? And would catchers have an area they aren't allowed to move from?

It's just not feasible to change the rules. I can understand why the Giants are so upset. He's a great, young player and means a lot to their team. But you can't overreact to an injury caused by a clean baseball play. And that's what it was — a baseball play.

Scioscia felt it was "Not a dirty play at all in my opinion" and went on to say "... it was just a baseball play."
For the full story on McDonnell's interview with Mike Scioscia click here

True to the Blue!

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