Monday, May 30, 2011

Dodgers beat Marlins 8-0 Behind Kershaw's Shut Out - Lasorda Hospitalized

What a great win yesterday.  The offense comes through with 8 runs and Clayton Kershaw dominates in a two hit complete game shutout.  Kid Kershaw also had 10 strikeouts in the game and leads MLB with 87 strikeouts this season.

You can view Kershaw's post game interview with Fox Sports Prime Ticket here

You can check out some highlights from the L.A. SportsCenter below

Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times wrote in his Dodgers Blog that Tommy Lasorda is now resting at home after being hospitalized.

"Former longtime Dodgers Manager Tom Lasorda was resting at home Sunday and is expected to make a full recovery after being hospitalized for four days at USC Medical Center for a bacterial infection, team spokesman Josh Rawitch said."

Glad to see Tommy is recovering.

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The Boys in the Hall - Duke Snider

On Wednesday I shared the information on Fox Sports West new show, The Boys in the Hall linked here
The first episode which focused on Duke Snider premiered last night.  Just in case you missed it, the episode will re-air tonight at 8:30 pm on Fox Sports Prime Ticket and will re-air throughout the week.  For those of you that might not have access to Prime Ticket, here are links to the three parts of the episode.

Part 1 - Duke talks about his hero and eventual teammate, Jackie Robinson
Duke Snider Part 1

Part 2 - Duke discusses the relationship between the team and the city of Brooklyn
Duke Part 2

Part 3 - Duke looks back on the Dodgers move to Los Angeles & playing in the Coliseum
Duke Part 3

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mike Scioscia vs Jack Clark - Collision at Home Plate

Last week after Buster Posey broke his leg during a collision at homeplate and more than a few people suggested the need for a rule change to protect catchers, the baseball media was buzzing.  Evan over at opinionofkingmansperformance wrote a great post about it and other memorable home plate collisions.  Evan mentioned the collision that is frozen into my memory between Jack Clark and Mike Scioscia.

Then, on my way into work on Friday morning I was flipping stations when I came across former Dodger pitcher Orel Hershiser being interviewed by Colin Cowherd on ESPNRadio.  You can listen to the entire interview via podcast linked here

Here is some of what The Bulldog had to say:

Mike Scioscia was always known for blocking the plate you know? His nickname was The Rock and he would actually drop, block the plate before the runner even started his slide, the runner would then collide into his left leg, be stopped, Scios would receive the ball and then tag him out. And they always went after Scios and the number one guy who went after Scios was Jack Clark.  Jack Clark actually knocked him out at the plate.  Cause Scios had a reputation that you are not getting to the plate."
Cowherd asked Hershiser if MLB should implement new rules to protect the catcher and suggested it was the league's responsibility to protect the owner's number one asset meaning the players.  Hershiser replied:
“Well, it is if it becomes a rash of injuries, it is if it becomes an epidemic but I’m not sure with one specific incident you all of a sudden just knee jerk and write a rule.”
I'm gonna have to agree with Hershiser on this one.  It wasn't a dirty play that injured Posey and while collisions happen often at home plate, there hasn't been an epidemic of serious injuries to catchers.
Here's a picture of Clark knocking out Scioscia

While doing some research and looking up some information, I came across a Sports Illustrated article by Bruce Anderson from October 7, 1985.  Here is Scioscia's take on blocking the plate:

"You have to decide if you're willing to stay in and block the plate or not, there is no in-between. You have to stay square with the runner so you're not exposing any of yourself to injury. Then you have to concentrate on catching the throw. On a high throw, you're like a wide receiver going over the middle to catch a pass. On a low throw, you have to stay low and protect yourself a little better."

Here is Scioscia's recollection of his collision with Jack Clark on July 21, 1985:

"Willie McGee was hitting, I think it was McGee. That whole day is foggy. Jack Clark was on first. McGee hit the ball to centerfield. Mariano Duncan was the relay. As I caught the ball and turned to make the tag, Jack was right there. That's the last thing I remember for a while."

Anderson wrote, Clark, moving at full speed, hit Scioscia on the face and head with his forearms. Scioscia was knocked unconscious. But he held on to the ball. He was removed from the field on a stretcher and taken to a hospital for overnight observation.

Scioscia - "Leave the game? I left the world for three minutes."

Back in the early 80's my favorite Dodgers were Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela & Mike Scioscia.  I'm still bitter that he never got the opportunity to manage the Dodgers after managing in triple-A Albuquerque.  He is another Dodger that got away.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tornado Relief Autograph Signing 5/29 - Andre Ethier fined 2.5K

Earlier this month on May 1st and May 3rd, the Dodgers and the Salvation Army organized a tornado relief effort to collect donations for victims.  Lance Cormier, who is from Alabama, spearheaded the effort as his home state was one of the areas affected.  You can check out some of the autographs I got on May 3rd linked here

In an effort to assistance victims of the most recent tornado tragedy in Joplin, MO, once again, the Dodgers and Salvation Army have teamed up to raise funds.  Sunday May 29th, several members of the team will be signing autographs to help raise money.  This donation drive is being spearheaded by pitcher Scott Elbert who's hometown is Joplin.  As part of the Viva Los Dodgers event on Sunday May 29th, Scott Elbert, Don Mattingly, Matt Guerrier, Ramon Troncoso, Javy Guerra, Ted Lilly, Kenley Jansen & Mike MacDougal are all scheduled to appear.  The signing and the Viva Los Dodgers event will take place before Sunday's game in Lot 6 and the players are scheduled to sing from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm.  Just like the last tornado relief event, a $5 donation is encouraged for autographs.  More info on the event at

And in what hopefully be the end of the Andre Ethier middle finger story, this from Ken Gurnick of

Ethier levied $2.5K fine by MLB
LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier was fined $2,500 by Major League Baseball but avoided a suspension as discipline for making an obscene gesture at a photographer during batting practice before the May 16 game with Milwaukee at Dodger Stadium.
A photo of the act became an Internet sensation and got the attention of MLB. Ethier apologized through the media.

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Jerry Sands Autograph Signing @ Southbay Cards

Today there were three Dodgers making autograph appearances all around the Los Angeles area.  Dioner Navarro, Jamey Carroll and Jerry Sands were all scheduled to make appearances.  Earlier this month I posted information about today's Jerry Sands autograph signing at Southbay Cards.  You can check out the link truetotheblue

As you've probably guessed by now, I chose to attend the Jerry Sands signing at Southbay Cards.  I've never been to their shop before, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to check it out and at the same time get an autograph from the Dodger's popular rookie.  The signing was scheduled to start at 11:00 am and I arrived at around 10:30.  There were about 15 people in line outside the store and alot more inside waiting for Sands to arrive.  When I purchased my autograph ticket I got to meet one of the owners, Scott, who was telling me about some of the other signings they've had in the past and some of the events they host.  He offered me the opportunity to talk more with him after the signing but I couldn't stay long after I got my autograph.  Maybe another time Scott. 

After I bought my ticket and got in line outside, the line outside the store had grown to about 25 people and people kept showing up and the line kept growing.  At around 10:45 am Sands pulled into the parking lot, parked his car and made his way into the store.  A few minutes past 11:00 am, the line began to move and approximately a 1/2 hour later it was my turn to get my autograph.  I asked Sands if he was going to be in the lineup tonight and he replied, "We'll see, I hope so!"  There were a couple of small children in line next to me.  They couldn't have been more than 7 years old and Sands asked one of them, "Do you know who I am?" and one of the kids replied "Sands".  Jerry then asked him "do you know what position I play?" and the kid replied, "I forget", and then Sands said "I play right bench."  I thought it was pretty funny and was glad to see Sands showing a sense of humor and interacting with fans.

Overall, it was a great experience.  The line moved quickly and all the employees at Southbay Cards were very friendly.  You can tell this is a family run store.  They allowed fans to pose for a couple pictures as long as they kept the line moving. 

Check out the pictures below:

The line outside the store

Jerry's rookie ride...can anyone guess what it is?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mike Piazza and Tommy Lasorda in Santa Monica

Last week on May 19, 2011, at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, Tommy Lasorda was honored by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF).  Lasorda was presented with the NIAF Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports Management.  Lasorda was presented with this award by none other than 12-time MLB All-Star and former Dodger Mike Piazza.  To read more about the even and read about the other prominent Italian Americans honored, visit the NIAF website linked here

Here are two photos of Piazza & Lasorda from the event:

The former Strongest Man in SoCal & Tommy

Piazza presenting Tommy with his award

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rubby De La Rosa Spring Training Autograph

After the Dodgers Tuesday night 5-4 victory over the Astros when rookie pitcher Rubby De La Rosa made his debut and pitched a 1, 2, 3 8th inning, I received an e-mail from Robert M.

Check it out:

Man I was excited to see Rubby De La Rosa on the mound tonight, especially after his 1, 2, 3 performance.  This March was our 2nd trip to the Dodgers Spring Training in Arizona @ Camelback Ranch.  Last year we noticed so many players from the Dodgers minor league teams there pretty much being ignored for autographs & photos. Most fans concentrate on the star players for their autographs and overlook the future stars.

This year I had photos of just about all the Dodgers top future prospects.  Some were already sent packing by the time we got there the 3rd week of March.  The first morning we got to the open practice we posted up at our hot spot. There were about 30 fans waiting for the players to come out to the fields. Within 5 minutes I had scored Kuroda on an 8X10 photo. 

Then this player comes walking out of the clubhouse towards us that nobody recognizes.  I say "That's Rubby De La Rosa."  Everybody around us said "Whos that?"  I told them that he's a pitcher and they will find out later and they should get his autograph now since nobody knows who he is.  Nobody asked him as he casually cruised by. When he got to us I asked "Rubby, do you have a quick second for us?" He nodded and stopped.  He signed a baseball for me.  Then I pulled out an 8X10 photo of him and asked him to sign it.  He took it and looked at it and with a smile then asked where I got it at?  I said "It wasn't easy!"  and he kinda laughed.  He signed it and continued on to the fields.

We noticed that nobody else approached him, at least while we were in his area.  My friend and I were excited to see him pitching tonight and hope he stays around for awhile.  GO DODGERS!

It's always good to read about Dodger fans getting autographs and having good experiences with players.  Just a tip for those seeking autographs and it is something that Robert did, be polite! Ask them if they have time to sign something.  I know, they should appreciate the fans but fans should also be respectful & polite and not just jam pens, sharpies, balls & photos in their face.  Just my two cents.  I always appreciate the feedback from reader of the blog whether the comments are on the blog, on the Facebook page or via e-mail.

Check out the photos that Robert M. attached to his e-mail:

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fox Sports West to Air Interview with Duke Snider

Fox Sports West recently announced Duke Snider will be profiled on a new series they are producing.  The new series entitled "The Boys in the Hall,"  will feature interviews with legendary members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. There will be 13 half hour episodes hosted by Tom Brokaw.  The first episode featuring Duke Snider will air Sunday May 29, 2011 @ 4:30 on Prime Ticket.  Other Hall of Fame members that will be profiled include Yogi Berra, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson and Harmon Killebrew. 
To see all 13 Hall of Famers that will be profiled and the scheduled air times. Click here Fox Sports West

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Upcoming Dodger Appearances - Saturday May 28th

Just reminding everyone there are three signings this Saturday May 28th.

Jerry Sands - all information in my original post linked here

Jamey Carroll & Dioner Navarro - all information in my original post linked here

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Monday, May 23, 2011

This Date in Dodger History - Shawn Green Hits 4 Home Runs

This date in Dodger history - On May 23, 2002, Shawn Green tied an MLB record by hitting four home runs in one game and set an MLB record for total bases in a game with 19.  Green went 6 for 6 with 7 RBI and 6 runs scored in the Dodgers 16-3 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Enjoy the video


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Monday Web Round Up - $1 Dodger Dogs, Ryan Garvey & Trevor Gretzky

Eric Sondheimer writes about Steve Garvey's power hitting son Ryan Garvey L.A. Times

Back in February, I posted info about Ryan Garvey & Trevor Gretzky linked here

Just in case you missed it $1 Dodger Dogs on Monday May 30, 2011.

Here is the It's Time For Dodger Dogs commercial starring Andre Ethier, Matt Guerrier & Javy Guerra:

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Info on Suspect Arrest in Bryan Stow Beating - Press Conference Scheduled for 4 p.m. @ Dodger Stadium

The L.A. Times is reporting the information that lead to this morning's arrest of a suspect in the Bryan Stow beating came from a parole agent. 

From the L.A. Times:

Ultimately, a parole agent contacted LAPD detectives on the case, alerting them to his suspicions that a parolee under his supervision may have been one of the attackers. From that tip, police turned their focus on the man taken into custody Sunday. Officials declined to elaborate on why the parole agent came to suspect the man. Police also did not say what they learned about the man that allowed them to obtain a search warrant for the apartment.

Here is a picture from the L.A. Times of the apartment where the suspect was arrested.

Additionally, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Dodger officials have scheduled a 4 p.m. news conference at Dodger Stadium.  LAPD has confirmed that to subjects were arrested this morning but only one is confirmed as a suspect they were looking for.  Stay tuned for more details after the press conference.

The L.A. Times story can be found here

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LAPD Arrests Suspect in Bryan Stow Beating Case - Video

Looks like there has been a break in the Bryan Stow Opening Day beating case.  Joel Rubin of the Los Angeles Times is reporting one suspect was arrested this morning as members of the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team served a warrant at an apartment in East Hollywood.  The LA Times article is linked here

KABC 7 News in Los Angeles spoke via telephone with Bryan Stow's sister, Bonnie Stow, this morning.  She confirmed that LAPD called her this morning to confirm one suspect had been arrested.  Check out the video:

It'll be interesting to see if there is enough information & evidence for the District Attorney's Office to charge this suspect.  Also, will he give up information on his accomplice to work out some sort of deal?  I'm thinking too far ahead but glad to see LAPD get a suspect in custody after seven weeks.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Steve Garvey Autograph Appearance - Fan Pictures & Recap

Back on May 13th I shared the information on Stever Garvey's signing today at Porky's.  The information was given to me by blog reader Robert M.  You can see my original post here

Robert attended today's signing and shared the following e-mail:

I went to the Steve Garvey signing today at Porky's card shop in Woodland Hills at 1:00pm.  I got there at 12:30pm and there was about 15 people hanging out in front of the shop. You could see Steve in there signing memorabilia for the store owner.  About 1:15 there was probably about 40 people in line and they started letting us in the shop 10 people at a time. I made the 2nd group and nobody was rushing anybody, it was very relaxed.  I had Steve sign 2 bats and a baseball.  He took the black bat and started check swinging it, said "This is a great bat!"  There was nobody behind me so I chatted with him about his son signing with USC and playing at Dodger stadium on June 3rd, also asked when he was gonna get in the HOF?  He said "We will see.  Hopefully soon."  Steve is a true professional and always hooks up a sweet looking autograph.

Porky's staff was very cool with the whole event.  Nobody to hurry up and rush you through.

Here are Robert's pics:

Thanks again to Robert for sharing his experience and pictures.  The bats really look great!
I've never been to a signing at Porky's but it sounds like they know what they are doing.  It's always good to hear how fans have good experiences at signings.  Whether they be paid signings or free signings.

DodgerBobble also posted about the Garvey signing.  He attended the signing today and you can read about it and see his pictures here 

I attended a Garvey signing at Black Angus back in April you can see my pics and read about it right here

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Dodger Road Trip - Citi Field, New York - Dodgers vs Mets

May 6, 2011 through May 8, 2011, the Dodgers were in New York taking on the Mets in a 3-game series at Citi Field.  The Dodgers lost 2 out of 3 and Andre Ethier's hitting streak was snapped at 30-games.  Just like she traveled to Florida to watch the Dodgers take on the Marlins, Ariana S. traveled to the Big Apple to watch the Dodgers battled the Mets.

I must admit that Citi Field looks awesome!  Take a look at the pics Ariana shared:

This is the Jackie Robinson Rotunda as you enter Citi Field.  The brick archways are modeled after Ebbets Field.

The giant sized baseball cards look really cool.

Thanks again to Ariana for sharing her pics!

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Dodger Road Trip - Sun Life Stadium, Florida

When I started this blog back in February, one of the first people to "like" the facebook page for the blog was Ariana S.  A few weeks back, April 25 through April 27 to be exact, the Dodgers were in Florida to take on the Marlins in a three game series and Ariana made the trip to be there too.  The Dodgers lost 2 of 3 but Andre Ethier had extended his hitting streak to 24 games and his 10th inning homerun on April 27th won the game for the Dodgers.  Ariana was nice enough to e-mail some photos from her trip.  Check them out below.

Ariana also made the trip to Citi Field to watch the Dodgers take on the Mets.  Stay tuned for thos pictures.
Over the last three years i've made two trips to Camelback for Spring Training, two trips to Petco Park in San Diego, a trip to Wrigley Field in Chicago and a trip to Chase Field in Arizona.  I'm hoping to get out to the two remaining NL West ballparks soon.  Anyone else made any Dodger Road Trips?

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Andre Ethier Flips the Middle Finger to a Photographer

By now, most Dodger fans have seen the pictures above and have heard part of the story.  I first heard about the incident earlier today while reading Howard Cole's awesome Dodger Blog on the Orange County Register website linked here

According to The Big Lead website during batting practice today Ethier allegedly "dropped F-bombs at photographers while children were nearby".  Based on the photos it is plain to see Ethier flipped off the photographer at least twice.

Ramona Shelburne of has confirmed that MLB is looking into the incident and has comments from Don Mattingly and Andre Ethier.  Ethier denies using profanity and denied being loud where children could hear linked here

MLB spokesman Pat Courtney:
"We are aware of the pictures and will talk to the appropriate people about them."

Dodger Manager Don Mattingly:
"It's something we don't condone, I'm not going to sit here and say we think it's OK or try to make any excuses for it. We don't condone it, but we'll handle it."

Andre Ethier:
"I just got kind of annoyed, so to that extent I guess I slipped up and that temper you guys like to write about got ahead of me, I didn't use my head or use the best judgment in that situation. Sometimes you make a mistake and it's unfortunate."

"He was standing right there where we're trying to get our stuff going and you have a 25-foot lens in your face, but I wasn't yelling at him, I was just like, 'Do you have enough yet? Do you have enough yet? Are you done?'

"I'm sorry now. It's a dumb incident. Obviously it's an age where some people can't wait to plug their flash drive into the computer and try to make their 15 minutes of fame.  So obviously you have to watch your guard, watch who you're dealing with out there."

I'm thinking Ethier gets fined and we all move on. 

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Replica Dodger Sports Illustrated Covers

As a baseball fan and more specifically a Dodger fan, I have over the years collected signed 8x10 photos, baseball, mini-helmets and other memoribilia.  Over the last twenty years, my interest level has ebbed and flowed in synch with the money in my bank account.  I've gotten back into the hobby in the last five years and have attended many free autograph appearances as well as many autograph appearances where I was charged for autographs.  I will save my "list" for another post but wanted to share a small tip for those that enjoy getting photos signed.  Two years ago, I attended a Kevin Love autograph signing at the Upper Deck store in Huntington Beach, CA.  I'm a huge UCLA fan and wanted a UCLA item signed.  While searching on line I came across the Sports Illustrated Covers website.  It's a Sports Illustrated site where they sell replica's of some of their past covers. 

Since Tommy Lasorda, Ramon Martinez and Steve Garvey have upcoming signings scheduled I thought it would be a good time to share this info with those looking for a different type of item to get signed.  There are several Dodgers who have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and the website has most of them for sale.  Here are some pictures of the replica covers.

The replica covers are 11x14 and sell for $19.95. Here is the link

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Upcoming Dodger Appearance - Another Jerry Sands Appearance

I put up a post about Jerry's upcoming appearance @ Southbay Cards on May 28th here

I just received a tip from Gabriel Y. that Jerry Sands will be making another appearance on June 18, 2011.
Here's all the info:

June 18, 2011

Jerry Sands
2011 Dodger Rookie
$22 - small items - baseballs, minis, 8x10's & 16x20's
$30 - large items - gloves, bats, jerseys, shoes, equipment & lithos
$9 - inscriptions
$8 - Global Authentics certificate of authenticity

Amazing Autographs 4 All
Valley Sports Cards
19640 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356

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