Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video Post - 50 Moments for the 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium - 4+1 Game

September 18, 2006.
The Dodgers 4+1 Game

Dee Gordon & Matt Kemp Tweet About New Ownership

Dee Gordon tweeted last night:

Great news tonight! Congrats @MagicJohnson for being our new owner! it's time to shock the world!!! #wala #MAGIC

Matt Kemp's tweet:

Good day 4 the @dodgers! The great @magicjohnson is the new owner!! Let's start a dynasty baby!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frank McCourt Sells Dodgers to Magic - Official Statement from Magic Johnson

In what could be the best move he's made since buying the team in 2004, Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the Dodgers to Magic Johnson's group.  Magic's group includes partners Peter Guber, Stan Kasten, Bobby Patton and Todd Boehly.  Accoring to Ken Gurnick at the deal was agreed to Tuesday night.

The following is from L.A. Times writer Bill Shaikin:

The sale must be confirmed by the court in a hearing April 13. The transaction is set to close by April 30, the same day McCourt must pay his ex-wife $131 million in a divorce settlement.

If the deal closes as expected, the Dodgers would be owned by an entity called Guggenheim Baseball Partners and run by Stan Kasten, the former president of the
Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals.

More from Shaikin:

Johnson would own a small stake in the Dodgers, as would Peter Guber,  a veteran Hollywood executive and co-owner of the Golden State Warriors. Johnson and Guber are partners in the Dayton Dragons, a minor league baseball team that has sold out 844 consecutive games, an ongoing record in U.S. professional sports.

ESPN aka The Evil 4 Letter aka The Mothership is reporting the sale price was $2 BILLION dollars.

The New York Times is reporting:

The Johnson group will spend $2 billion for the team and $150 million for a joint venture with the beleaguered seller, Frank McCourt, on the land surrounding Dodger Stadium, including the parking lots.

Maybe McCourt will still hold on to a piece of the infamous Dodger Stadium parking lots along with the new owners? 

And lastly, a statement from Magic himself:

“I am thrilled to be part of the historic Dodger franchise and intend to build on the fantastic foundation laid by Frank McCourt as we drive the Dodgers back to the front page of the sports section in our wonderful community of Los Angeles.”       

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New Dodger OYO Sportstoys - Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp Andre Ethier

A new line of Dodger toys have hit the market.  They are mini building-block sports figures made by OYO.  These figures are available for players representing all 30 MLB teams.  The Dodgers who have figures are Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, James Loney, Aaron Harang, Chad Billingsley, Dee Gordong and Tony Gwynn Jr.

Each package comes with the figure, bat, ball, glove, cap and numbered stand.
These figures are available in limited retail stores, team stores and online.  They are priced between $9.99 and $12.99.  Here is the link for the OYO website . The figures are also available at other online toy retailers.
Check out the C.J. Wilson figure below.  I included this figure because it shows an actual figure, not just a drawing.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ramon Sessions & Steve Garvey Autograph Signings - Recap & Photos

On Saturday March 24th, Lakers point guard, Ramon Sessions made an autograph appearance at America's Tire in Long Beach and was sponsored by Kumho Tires.  Sessions was scheduled to sign autographs from 3pm - 4pm.  I arrived at America's Tire at around 1:15pm and there were about 150 people already in line.  I noticed everyone in line had wristbands and was glad to see it since only the frist 200 people were guaranteed autographs.  At approximately 2pm, Kumho representatives came back around with more wristbands and I was given #187.  More on the wristbands later.

Sessions arrived on time at 3pm and after taking a few pictures with Kumho Tires and America's Tire reps, he started signing around 3:15pm.  They provided free 8x10's to anyone that didn't have an item to get signed.  At around 3:40pm one of the security guys started coming around the line saying he noticed people were getting back in line with their wristbands or were swapping wristbands with other people.  He said because of this not everyone with a wristband would be guaranteed an autograph.  I was pretty irritated since i had been in line for almost 3 hours.  I suggested to him they should cut people's wristbands off after they get their autograph instead of leaving them on!  After a few more people got their auto's, they started cutting off wristbands.

By 3:50pm I made it to the front of the line and got two items signed.  I had a generic Lakers 8x10 signed and since Ramon was really cool I asked him to sign one of the free 8x10's as well.  I really didn't have time to talk to him but did welcome him to L.A. and he replied, "it's good to be here".  I took my autos, jumped in my truck and headed to the city of Tustin where Steve Garvey was making an autograph appearance at Tustin Nissan.  Check out the photos from the Sessions signing

After making a quick pit stop for gas, I was on the freeway headed for Tustin.  Garvey was scheduled to sign from 4pm-6pm at Tustin Nissan so I wasn't too worried that I wouldn't make it.  I arrived at Tustin Nissan by 4:25pm and jumped in line.  There were probably only about 25 people in line and I noticed several people arriving who were also at the Sessions signing. 

I already have several Garvey autographs on baseballs and photos however, I wanted to get his bobblehead signed.  While in line I got to chat with David and Alex after they got their autos.  These guys are always at signings and are two of the coolest guys you'll run into.  They both got several items signed. 

There were a few people in front of me and behind me that had already gone through the line and were back getting more things signed.  The line was short enough and it was early enough so I didn't mind.  However, Tustin Nissan management were getting a little irritated that they "noticed people getting back in line."  I made it to the front of the line within 20 minutes and got my bobblehead signed.  Garvey asked if I had his musical bobblehead and I told him, I did not but it was on my list of must gets.  Garvey kinda butchered the bobblehead autograph but oh well, since it was free, I didn't mind.  They also had some stock 5x7 photos and Garvey was kind enough to sign one for me too.  Check out the pics below.

Overall, two great free signings.  Aside from people swapping out wristbands both signings ran smooth.  Like I told the Kumho employees, just cut off the wristbands.  Another mistake they made at the Sessions signing was they just handed people wristbands instead of putting them directly on the person's wrist.  Several people also pulled the, "my kids or my friends are on their way" and were handed more wristbands.  I generally don't care if you try and get in line a second time but get in at the back of the line, don't cut in front of others who haven't gone through once yet.  Just my opinion.

Tip of the cap to Ernest at for the info on the Garvey signing.
If you get a chance check out David's autograph Signings Blog here and Alex's Lawler's Law First to 100 Wins, It's the Law Clippers blog here

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

2 More Clips from MLB Network's 30 Clubs in 30 Days - Kershaw & Billingsley

Clayton Kershaw - you gotta watch until the end, Kershaw gets a couple cracks in on Larry Bowa.

Chad Billingsley

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

MLB Network 30 Clubs in 30 Days; Andre Ethier - "This is where I want to be"

On March 19th, MLB Network aired their Dodger episode of 30 Clubs in 30 Days.
Check out the video of Mitch Williams interviewing Andre Ethier.

"I've voiced that this is where I want to be" - Andre Ethier

Here is Mitch Williams with Matt Kemp
"I was a little disappointed. Of course, I think anybody who is that close to winning the MVP wants to win the MVP and is disappointed if they don't." - Matt Kemp

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Dodger Gear - Nike & Victoria's Secret

For the last 5 years as Opening Day approaches, I pick up a new official New Era 5950 Dodger cap.  I guess it's my way of getting ready for the new season.  Yesterday, I was getting my new "gamer" when I noticed the MLB Clubhouse store I was in also had this new Nike t-shirt.  I thought it was a pretty cool DODGERTOWN t-shirt, so I picked one of those up also.

I went online to find out if they were available at and found out they are definitely available there as well.  Also while searching online, I found some new gear Victoria's Secret is offering for the ladies.  Take a look at the pics below.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bobblehead Snub - Plaschke Says Team Snubbed Jaime Jarrin

As part of the 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium celebration, the Dodgers have scheduled 10 bobblehead stadium give aways this season.  It has been well chronicled Vin Scully, Tom Lasorda & Walter Alston, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale & Maury Wills, Mike Scioscia, Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser, Eric Karros, Fernando Valenzuela and The Infield of Garvey, Russell, Cey & Lopes will all be honored with bobble heads.

However, in his most recent piece for the Los Angeles Times, Bill Plaschke points out the Dodgers may have come up short by not including Hall of Fame Spanish language announcer, Jaime Jarrin. Plaschke points out:

A Hall of Fame broadcaster who has spent 53 years connecting with Dodgers fans in Spanish is not included.  His name is Jaime Jarrin, he has been with the organization longer than all but Scully and Lasorda, and although you may have never heard him, there are large segments of this city who listen to only him, forming the foundation of today's loyal Latino Dodgers fan base.

The Dodgers issued a statement Saturday in which they defended the decision by saying there just weren't enough bobblehead dates for all the Dodgers greats. Yet, in the history of Dodgers bobbleheads, there have been 39 giveaway dates before this season, and Jarrin has not been on a list that includes, among other luminaries, Cesar Isturiz  and Joe Beimel.

He's on a plaque in Cooperstown, he's in a star on a Hollywood sidewalk, yet he can't get a lousy commemorative doll in Chavez Ravine?

When I told Jarrin I was writing this column, he was fairly aghast. He doesn't consider himself bigger than the team he loves or the fans he serves. He and Scully are very much alike in that that they are impeccably dressed and elegantly spoken, yet consider themselves just one of the guys.

"I have no complaints, I am totally fine with everything the Dodgers are doing," Jarrin said. "I feel very loved and appreciated by all the people who have listened to me over the years, and that is enough for me

Plaschke makes some decent points in his article.  For the entire piece check out the LA Times article by clicking here

Video Post: Andre Ethier Shows Off His House & Cars

During the off season MLB Network show Intentional Talk with Chris Rose & Kevin Millar ventured out to Arizona to visit Andre Ethier at his home.  Millar sat down with Ethier and discussed manager Don Mattingly being New York royalty, Andre's favorite visiting club house, Andre's favorite city on the road.  Andre even showed off his cars.

Take a look at the video below

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video Post - A.J. Ellis Reads to Children; Andre Ethier Homerun

As part of Read Across America, A.J. Ellis dropped by the Velma Teague Library in Glendale, Arizona to read to local children.

Just in case you missed it, here is Andre Ethier's first homerun of the spring on Tuesday 3/6/12.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Upcoming Dodger Appearance - Andre Ethier

Saturday April 28, 2012

Andre Ethier
2x All-Star 2010 & 2011
Silver Slugger 2009
Gold Glove 2011
 $59 - cards and photos 8x10 and smaller
$69 - balls, minis, toys, flats 8x10 to 20x24
$79 - bats, jerseys, helmets, game used equipment, flasts larger than 20x24
$25 - inscriptions (up to 3 words)
Stage time - 11:30am - 1:00pm

This signing is being put on by Honabach and Sons and will take place at Frank & Son.  Also scheduled to appear is Matt Kemp.  For more details on the Matt Kemp signing see my post here

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