Sunday, June 5, 2011

Steve Garvey & Orel Hershiser Teaming Up to Buy Dodgers

I just finished watching a story on ESPN's SportsCenter on how former Dodger pitcher Orel Hershiser has joined Steve Garvey's investment group that is interested in buying the Dodgers.  The official name of the group is now the Garvey-Hershiser Group.

Hershiser told the L.A. Daily News:

"Garvey approached me, we've always talked and communicated through the years. He was a little more of a role model for me, the way he did things. I was like, 'That's what I want to do.' He's been a good businessman.  When he called and said he wanted me to be part of this group, I said, 'Garv, I'd always be interested in helping and doing something like this that would be a lot of fun.' We're forming a group that's investigating situations as they arise. That would be very interesting for me."

Garvey on why he approached Hershiser:

"I was just thinking to myself, we had so many similarities the success of the team, rapport with fans, life after baseball, I gave him a call. We had lunch. I told him he might be the perfect fit. He loves what our business plan is, and he's talked about how he could make contributions. He's a pretty smart guy, and he's the type of person I think would be a great asset for us."

Hershisher on Dodger fans:

"The fan base, they deserve better, The Los Angeles Dodgers are part of the fabric of Los Angeles. Their pride and their heart have been hurt by what's gone on and what's happening. It will take a large effort to restore that and I'm pulling for McCourt and MLB.
It hurts my heart. It's about restoring the confidence of the fan base and significant pride of the city. The Lakers have done a great job there. The Dodgers need to regain their form. Not in an old-style way but in a way that in my mind, I see them progressing and reaching back to the past."

Jill Painter of the L.A. Daily News has the full story here

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  1. Hope is happens. Growing up in the greater Spokane area, I was A Dodger fan because of the AAA Indians. I am a die hard Mariner fan , but in the NL, it is still the Dodgers for me

  2. @ CSK - I hope so too. It would be nice to get some old school Dodger blood in management/owenership