Saturday, May 21, 2011

Steve Garvey Autograph Appearance - Fan Pictures & Recap

Back on May 13th I shared the information on Stever Garvey's signing today at Porky's.  The information was given to me by blog reader Robert M.  You can see my original post here

Robert attended today's signing and shared the following e-mail:

I went to the Steve Garvey signing today at Porky's card shop in Woodland Hills at 1:00pm.  I got there at 12:30pm and there was about 15 people hanging out in front of the shop. You could see Steve in there signing memorabilia for the store owner.  About 1:15 there was probably about 40 people in line and they started letting us in the shop 10 people at a time. I made the 2nd group and nobody was rushing anybody, it was very relaxed.  I had Steve sign 2 bats and a baseball.  He took the black bat and started check swinging it, said "This is a great bat!"  There was nobody behind me so I chatted with him about his son signing with USC and playing at Dodger stadium on June 3rd, also asked when he was gonna get in the HOF?  He said "We will see.  Hopefully soon."  Steve is a true professional and always hooks up a sweet looking autograph.

Porky's staff was very cool with the whole event.  Nobody to hurry up and rush you through.

Here are Robert's pics:

Thanks again to Robert for sharing his experience and pictures.  The bats really look great!
I've never been to a signing at Porky's but it sounds like they know what they are doing.  It's always good to hear how fans have good experiences at signings.  Whether they be paid signings or free signings.

DodgerBobble also posted about the Garvey signing.  He attended the signing today and you can read about it and see his pictures here 

I attended a Garvey signing at Black Angus back in April you can see my pics and read about it right here

True to the Blue!