Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dodger Players Sign Autographs to Benefit Tornado Relief - Recap

Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium was Cooler Bag Night as the Dodgers took on the visiting Chicago Cubs.  While the Dodgers took the loss, Andre Ethier was able to extend his hitting streak to 29-games.  Before the game several Dodgers were in Autograph Alley signing autographs to benefit Tornado Relief.  This was my first experience in Autograph Alley and I must say I was impressed.

When I reached the area behind centerfield at about 5:30pm, the line was pretty long just to get into the Autograph Alley area.  Once I reached the inside area, we were informed Lance Cormier & Jon Garland were at table 1.  Hiroki Kuroda was at table 2, Jonathan Broxton & Matt Guerrier were at table 3 and Clayton Kershaw and Blake Hawksworth were at table 4. 

There were separate lines for each player and being the Kershaw/Hawksworth line was the longest, I jumped in that one.  Some of the other lines were pretty short, so I asked the couple in front of me if they would hold my place in line and once they agreed I jumped in the Garland/Cormier line.  Once I got their autographs I got in the Broxton/Guerrier line.  I got their signatures and then got back in the Kershaw/Hawksworth line.  At this point, Tony Gwynn Jr. joined Hiroki Kuroda at his table.  I contemplated getting in that line but just stayed in the Kershaw/Hawksworth line.  I was about 10-12 people away from the front when Kershaw & Hawksworth left.

Overall is was a good experience.  Here are the pics of my autographs:

Jonathan Broxton on a 2009 All-Star Game game ball

Matt Guerrier on a Dodgers post card

Lance Cormier

Jon Garland

Pretty good additions to my collection.  I'm sure i'll get Kershaw's autograph somewhere down the line.

True to the Blue!


  1. Nice additions! I know it's tough, you really have to pick and choose which line to get into.

  2. Thanks DB! yeah, it's always a tough decision. I'm sure i'll get Kershaw's somewhere down the line