Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rubby De La Rosa Spring Training Autograph

After the Dodgers Tuesday night 5-4 victory over the Astros when rookie pitcher Rubby De La Rosa made his debut and pitched a 1, 2, 3 8th inning, I received an e-mail from Robert M.

Check it out:

Man I was excited to see Rubby De La Rosa on the mound tonight, especially after his 1, 2, 3 performance.  This March was our 2nd trip to the Dodgers Spring Training in Arizona @ Camelback Ranch.  Last year we noticed so many players from the Dodgers minor league teams there pretty much being ignored for autographs & photos. Most fans concentrate on the star players for their autographs and overlook the future stars.

This year I had photos of just about all the Dodgers top future prospects.  Some were already sent packing by the time we got there the 3rd week of March.  The first morning we got to the open practice we posted up at our hot spot. There were about 30 fans waiting for the players to come out to the fields. Within 5 minutes I had scored Kuroda on an 8X10 photo. 

Then this player comes walking out of the clubhouse towards us that nobody recognizes.  I say "That's Rubby De La Rosa."  Everybody around us said "Whos that?"  I told them that he's a pitcher and they will find out later and they should get his autograph now since nobody knows who he is.  Nobody asked him as he casually cruised by. When he got to us I asked "Rubby, do you have a quick second for us?" He nodded and stopped.  He signed a baseball for me.  Then I pulled out an 8X10 photo of him and asked him to sign it.  He took it and looked at it and with a smile then asked where I got it at?  I said "It wasn't easy!"  and he kinda laughed.  He signed it and continued on to the fields.

We noticed that nobody else approached him, at least while we were in his area.  My friend and I were excited to see him pitching tonight and hope he stays around for awhile.  GO DODGERS!

It's always good to read about Dodger fans getting autographs and having good experiences with players.  Just a tip for those seeking autographs and it is something that Robert did, be polite! Ask them if they have time to sign something.  I know, they should appreciate the fans but fans should also be respectful & polite and not just jam pens, sharpies, balls & photos in their face.  Just my two cents.  I always appreciate the feedback from reader of the blog whether the comments are on the blog, on the Facebook page or via e-mail.

Check out the photos that Robert M. attached to his e-mail:

True to the Blue!

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