Thursday, May 19, 2011

Andre Ethier Flips the Middle Finger to a Photographer

By now, most Dodger fans have seen the pictures above and have heard part of the story.  I first heard about the incident earlier today while reading Howard Cole's awesome Dodger Blog on the Orange County Register website linked here

According to The Big Lead website during batting practice today Ethier allegedly "dropped F-bombs at photographers while children were nearby".  Based on the photos it is plain to see Ethier flipped off the photographer at least twice.

Ramona Shelburne of has confirmed that MLB is looking into the incident and has comments from Don Mattingly and Andre Ethier.  Ethier denies using profanity and denied being loud where children could hear linked here

MLB spokesman Pat Courtney:
"We are aware of the pictures and will talk to the appropriate people about them."

Dodger Manager Don Mattingly:
"It's something we don't condone, I'm not going to sit here and say we think it's OK or try to make any excuses for it. We don't condone it, but we'll handle it."

Andre Ethier:
"I just got kind of annoyed, so to that extent I guess I slipped up and that temper you guys like to write about got ahead of me, I didn't use my head or use the best judgment in that situation. Sometimes you make a mistake and it's unfortunate."

"He was standing right there where we're trying to get our stuff going and you have a 25-foot lens in your face, but I wasn't yelling at him, I was just like, 'Do you have enough yet? Do you have enough yet? Are you done?'

"I'm sorry now. It's a dumb incident. Obviously it's an age where some people can't wait to plug their flash drive into the computer and try to make their 15 minutes of fame.  So obviously you have to watch your guard, watch who you're dealing with out there."

I'm thinking Ethier gets fined and we all move on. 

True to the Blue!

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