Sunday, May 22, 2011

LAPD Arrests Suspect in Bryan Stow Beating Case - Video

Looks like there has been a break in the Bryan Stow Opening Day beating case.  Joel Rubin of the Los Angeles Times is reporting one suspect was arrested this morning as members of the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team served a warrant at an apartment in East Hollywood.  The LA Times article is linked here

KABC 7 News in Los Angeles spoke via telephone with Bryan Stow's sister, Bonnie Stow, this morning.  She confirmed that LAPD called her this morning to confirm one suspect had been arrested.  Check out the video:

It'll be interesting to see if there is enough information & evidence for the District Attorney's Office to charge this suspect.  Also, will he give up information on his accomplice to work out some sort of deal?  I'm thinking too far ahead but glad to see LAPD get a suspect in custody after seven weeks.

True to the Blue!

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