Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dodger Swag Trade

On Tuesday April 19th, the Dodgers gave away a FernandoMania fleece blanket.  I posted on the True to the Blue FB page that I wasn't going to be there.  Luckily, one of this blog's readers, Enrique, had an extra one and offered up a trade.

We decided he would give me the FernandoMania fleece blanket in exchanged for a This is My Town Star Wars poster that was a SGA last season.  We met up in Autograph Alley, where the players were signing to benefit Tornado Relief, before Tuesday's game against the Cubs which was cooler bag night.

Here's the Fernando Fleece & the Star Wars poster

Thanks again for the trade Enrique! It's always cool to meet Dodger fans and people that read the blog!
I have a few more items that i'll probably be giving away through contests in the next few weeks so keep watching.  Don't forget, there is an FB page for the blog.  If you're on FB, make sure you "like" the page.

True to the Blue!


  1. I want that Darth Vadar poster so bad. Got one more?>

  2. DB - I MIGHT...i know i have mine but i think i have one more extra. I will check and get back to you.