Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reader/Fan Pictures from Wills, Law, Lefebvre & Osteen Signing at Frank & Son

Last Saturday April 23rd, there was a Dodger Day autograph signing at Frank & Son.  You can see my original post here .

I wasn't able to make it out there as my plans took a detour to a Travis Barker signing which you can read about here .

Well one of the readers of my blog, Steph, was kind enough to send in some pictures and a cool little exchange between Maury Wills and her husband Jim.

Steph's e-mail:


I meant to send you these pictures on Monday, but unfortunately, I just didn't get around to it. I'm usually better than this at sending pictures and whatnot.  So here are the pictures I got from the signing. Mostly, it's just them signing the stuff, because, as much as I wanted to get pics of them, \I needed some "authentication" to go with the autographs in case our friends don't believe we have their autographs.
It was funny when my husband (Jim) got Maury Wills' auto.  Here's a quick lil summary of the conversation:

Wills:  You know this is my rookie card.
Jim: Yes sir, I do.
Wills: And you know it's gonna be worth a lot of money, especially when I get into the Hall of Fame.
Jim: Yes sir, especially with your autograph on it.Wills:  Mmhmm, that's right.

Wills was awesome. When it got our point in the line, they said he would only sign his name, no inscriptions.  However, whent he lil kid behind us came up for his autograph, he also signed his jersey number after his name. It was cool.

Amazingly, for being free autographs, the Hall of Fame Sports guys didn't rush everyone like you would have expected with Wills and Law.  We couldn't get pictures with them but it was still pretty good.

Hope you like the pics and thanks again for helping keep me updated on the Dodgers and their goingons with your fb account and blog!

Maury Wills

Rudy Law

Jim Lefebvre

Claude Osteen

Thanks for sharing the pics Steph!  Any of you other readers who attend Dodger events and/or travel to Dodger road games, feel free to share you pics.

Thanks...Martin  True to the Blue!

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