Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Colletti Wants Closer By Committee...Donnie Baseball Sticks With Broxton

Since most of the Dodger Universe points to this pitch as the moment Broxton "lost his confidence" I figured, the was a good picture include in my post.  Some others in the Dodger Universe still point to the night Joe Torre brough in Broxton in the 9th inning with a 4-run lead against the Yankees on June 27, 2010.  Either way, Jonathan Broxton as Dodger closer continues to be one of the most debated topics in the Dodger Blogosphere.  According to mlb.com most Dodger fans almost got their wish.

Dodger GM Ned Colletti was on KABC 790 radio this morning and told host Peter Tilden:

"We hope to get Kuo back Friday.  Padilla's been back a few days.
We hope to give Donnie three choices or so at the end of the game and
let him make up his mind based on matchups or whatever
until Broxton can get his confidence back and get settled."

After hearing and/or reading that, one would assume Broxton's days as closer were numbered.  Well, you know what they say about assuming.  Here is what Broxton had to say:

"I saw it on TV -- closer by committee.  Until I hear it from somebody around here,
it's basically hearsay.  Donnie told me I'm the closer and to go from there.
He told me I'm throwing the ball good. There are going to be days I'm [unavailable], and
that might stir up more stuff. Right now, I'm still the closer."
I've already stated my opinion here and will do so again.  In short, I agree Broxton doesn't seem to have the same velocity.  While I think it may have something to do with confidence, I also believe it could be an injury.  Also, if our closer isn't Broxton, then who?  Kuo? Not now, he's on the DL and has had numerous shoulder surgeries.  Jansen? The kid isn't ready, yet. Padilla? It would be interesting.  I absolutely welcome and appreciate the feedback on the blog's FB page last night.  It was some nice debate.  I'm sure today will bring more.
Here is Howard Cole's take from the Dodgers Blog on the Orange County Register web-site
True to the Blue!

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