Monday, April 18, 2011

Dodgers Opponents Announce They Will Also Wear Throwback Uniforms

As most of the Dodger Universe knows, the team will be wearing 1940 Brooklyn throwback jerseys for six mid-week day games this year.  Today, the team announced 5 of their 6 opponents during these games will also wear throwback jerseys.  First up, will be the Braves this Thursday April 21st followed by the Cubs Wednesday May 4th, the Reds Wednesday June 15th, the Tigers Wednesday June 22nd & the Padres Wednesday August 31st.  There was no mention of the Phillies wearing throwback uniforms on Wednesday August 10th.

True to the Blue! 


  1. The Phillies didn't. I wonder why.

  2. Hey timar, I wondered the same thing. It was never announced why they didn't participate.
    thanks for checking out my blog!