Sunday, July 31, 2011

Matt Kemp Signing @ Frank & Sons - Recap & Photos

Yesterday, I attended the Matt Kemp & Tony Gwynn Jr. signings at Frank & Sons.  They were both scheduled to sign from 11:00am to 12:30pm.  Even though this was a paid event, I wanted to get there early to make sure I got my tickets from will call and didn't have to rush.  One good thing about paid events is they normally line up by numbers printed on your tickets.  I arrived at about 8:30 to find a line forming outside to wait to enter the Exhibit Area to get our tickets.  At around 9:00 the line moved inside.  Honabach & Sons usually sells there first 100 tickets as VIP.  I was outside of the VIP frame but was in the 50's of the regular tickets.  After the VIP lineup, my friend AD & I went to get something to drink and when we came back they started to line up 1-50.  A few minutes later they added 50-75 to the line and we moved in. 

It seemed like the line was moving slow but they were just getting the VIP tickets through the line and then ther rest of the line started moving.  Matt was chatting with fan and was posing with some fans that were leaning in from in front of the table.  For the most part there were no photos allowed with him but you could take pictures as he was signing.  My friend AD got a ball, an 8x10 and a 5x7 picture of her and Matt Kemp together signed.  He kind of rushed the "M" in Matt on her personal photo and he said "I kinda messed it up" and she replied laughing "yeah, you fu*ked it up" they both laughed and I got my items signed.  I didn't say much to Matt except for a what's up and thank you.  I was too busy dealing with the Honabach & Sons people yelling to remind me to have my stuff ready (which I did). 

Once I was done I headed home, I overheard people saying their tickets were in the 200's.  I wouldn't be surprised if they sold anywhere between 350-400 tickets for this event.  While it wasn't a free signing it was pretty reasonably priced at $39 for a small item.  Shout out to Gabriel Y. who I was in line behind to get our will call tickets.  We were finally able to pull of our trade of Dodger Swag.  I got a Fernandomania Fleece Blanket from Gabriel in exchange for a Andre Ethier Dre' Matic 90's Night Poster.  I was also behind Gabriel in line to get our autographs.  Also a shout out to Steph G. who I met at a previous signing and who I've traded Dodger Swag with before.  If you haven't checked out her FB page for Dodger Swag Trading, make sure you check it out.  Here is the link Dodger Swag Trading

Here are some pictures of Matt and pictures of my items.

Matt Kemp making his entrance

Kemp taking a seat at his table

Signing someone's baseball

He just finished signing Gabe Y's bobblehead

Signing someone's All Star Jersey

Getting ready to sign a canvas

My baseball signed by Kemp

My Dodgers Magazine signed by Kemp
(one complaint, I wasn't paying attention and he signed right across
the "Dodgers" blue on blue is not good)

My 16x20 that Ethier signed last month. Kemp added his auto & the 2011 All Stars inscription

Overall it was a good signing.  Lots of Dodgers/Kemp fans!! I hope everyone got their autographs because the line was still long when I left.  Check back later for some pics of Tony Gwynn Jr.

True to the Blue!