Friday, July 15, 2011

Collector's Corner - 2011 All Star Stuff

Back on May 19th, I posted info on replica Sports Illustrated covers that are a cool item to get autographed.  You can read that post here

Well it's time to highlight some other cool items.  First is the Dodgers edition of the 2011 All Star Game Program with Matt Kemp on the cover.  This program all the items i'll be talking about are available in the or shops.  It sells for $15.

The next three items are all baseballs.  The first one is the official 2011 MLB All-Star Game ball.  Something that a Dodger fan can get signed by Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Clayton Kershaw or all three!  This ball sells for $19.99.  Take a look -

The next ball is a 2011 All Star Game Homerun Derby Ball.  It would definitely be cool to get Matt Kemp's autograph on this ball!  This ball sells for $29.99.  Take a look -

The last ball is a replica 2011 All Star Game Homerun Derby Gold Baseball.  These are the balls that were used when the Homerun Derby participants were down to their final out.  This ball sells for $39.99.  Take a look -

True to the Blue!

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