Monday, August 1, 2011

Tony Gwynn Jr. Signing @ Frank & Sons - Recap & Photos

On Saturday July 30th, I attended the Matt Kemp & Tony Gwynn Jr. signing @ Frank & Sons in the City of Industry.  You can read my recap and see my pics of Matt Kemp linked here

Tony Gwynn Jr. was scheduled to sign at the same time as Matt Kemp, from 11:00am - 12:30pm.  TGJ arrived a little late and Matt Kemp had already been signing for a while when he arrived.  Once TGJ took care of signing for the promoter backstage, he emerged and starting signing for the fans.  It's hard for me to guess/estimate how many people were there too see TGJ since the Matt Kemp crowd was very large.  If I were forced to guess, I would say a little over 100 fans made their way to get TGJ's autograph.

In the picture above, you can see TGJ signing my 8x10 that Andre Ethier signed last month and Matt Kemp signed a few minutes before.  I thanked Tony for his time and he thanked me for coming out.  He was a really laid back guy and had a big smile for the kids that were coming up to get his signature.

Here is a picture of my signed 8x10

TGJ/Kemp/Ethier doing their victory leap

True to the Blue!

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