Sunday, July 3, 2011

Andre Ethier Wants Your All-Star Vote!

The campaigning has begun.  Andre Ethier wants to represent the Dodgers in the first All Star game hosted by his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

I don't want to see Shane "the cryin Hawaiian" Victorino win the Final Vote, so don't forget to vote for Ethier.  Here are some quotes from Andre:

"We're in last place and it's not always great to show up and watch the game as a fan, but hopefully Dodger fans can put some stuff aside, and even if they're sitting at home watching instead of coming to the game, at least they can have the Internet in front of them and sit there and pound away all day and rally behind the players and me and show how great fans are in L.A."

When told Matt Kemp had already tweeted his followers to vote for him, Ethier said:

"I hope he has a lot of fans, it's like a campaign. You hear politicians go to grassroots. Our grassroots are L.A. fans. We know how big and powerful they can be. I never doubt the fans, how great the fans can be. It's two-way, though. We have to put a great product on the field, too."

"I grew up in Arizona without baseball and this is the first All-Star Game there, it couldn't be written any better than that for both of us. It's my hometown, I grew up two miles from where the ballpark is."

For Ken Gurnick's complete article click here

True to the Blue!


  1. He's got my vote. Matt Kemp has a lot of followers too, so Dre has a real good chance.

  2. I hope he gets it...i'm gonna get my votes in later tonight!