Thursday, August 25, 2011

Contest/Giveway Time - Matt Kemp Bobblehead

I was taking my bobbleheads out of my closet so I could display them in my office and  I came across a couple extra bobbleheads and a couple of other items i've decided to give away.  In the 6 months that i've been writing this blog i've given away a few things.  On 2/10/11 I gave away an Andre Ethier All Star fleece linked here and on 4/20/11 I gave away some Opening Day items linked here

Well, it's about that time again.  However, this time, I'm going to steal a page from the DodgerBobble playbook.  Trust me, his "book" is much better than Don Mattingly's.

First things first, you have to be a "follower" of my blog.  This means, your name must be in the list of followers in my blogs sidebar.  It's on the top left side bar of the blog.  It's pretty simple, if you're a "follower" you can win, if you are not, you can't win.  So become a follower now.  Click on "FOLLOW" and the instructions are easy to follow.

Second, for my other give aways i've required a picture or just plain & simply given away the item.  This time, i'm going to ask a Matt Kemp related trivia question.

Last item to note, I will be giving away the bobblehead on Saturday morning August 27, 2011 @ 10am.  This will give you all plenty of time to become "followers"

Good luck and stay tuned...

True to the Blue!


  1. Look forward to competing. I also have a blog going on now ( ). Care to link each other? Thanks for your work on here as I have read for awhile now.

  2. Matthew, thanks for reading and following my blog. I added you blog as a blog I follow on the right panel. It should be there now. I'll also throw a link to you blog in my next post!


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