Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Many Games Can Kershaw Win This Season?

Clayton Kershaw's record sits at 13-5 and he has matched his win total from the 2010 season when he finished with a record of 13-10.  Kershaw started 30 games in 2009 and started 32 games in 2010.  Thus far in 2011 he as made 24 starts and will probably only get 6 or 7 more starts.  Based on that, it is unlikely he will reach 20 victories this season.  The Dodgers have not had a 20-game winner since Ramon Martinez went 20-6 in the 1990 season.

While it appears a 20-win season is unlikely, Kershaw can still finish with the most wins by a Dodger pitcher in the last 7 seasons.  I'll admit number of wins isn't the sexiest pitching stat and there are other modern stats that can prove a pitcher's worth.  However, to most fans whether they be die-hards or casual fans, the number of wins for a pitcher is one of the first things they look at.

These are the Dodger leaders in victories in a season over the last 6 seasons:

2005 Jeff Weaver - 14-11
2006 Derek Lowe - 16-8
         Brad Penny - 16-9
2007 Brad Penny - 16-4
2008 Chad Billingsley - 16-10
2009 Chad Billingsley - 12-11

With 4 more victories, Clayton Kershaw can have the most wins for a Dodger starting pitcher since Chan Ho Park in 2000.  Park finished the 2000 season with an 18-10 record and was the last Dodger pitcher to win more than 16 games.  My humble prediction is Kershaw will finish with a record of 17-7.  What's your prediction?

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