Monday, March 7, 2011

One More Nod to The Duke & a Rick Fox Signing

In talking with my dad this weekend the topic of Duke Snider came up.  My dad was looking back fondly on one of his favorite Dodgers when he mentioned the Duke Snider baseball card he bought me back in the late 80's.  So I pulled out my stash of old school Dodger baseball cards and pulled out my 1961 Topps #443 Duke Snider card.
The borders are uneven but the corners are in decent condition.  Definitely one of my favorite baseball cards.

When I started my blog last month I said its content would be 99% Dodgers and occassionally the other 1% would be dedicated to some Lakers or Rams topics.  Well, here is my first non-Dodger related post.  To make myself feel better and not as guilty, I found a picture of 3x NBA Champion Rick Fox sporting a Dodgers jersey.

This past Saturday March 5, 2011, former Laker great Rick Fox made a free autograph appearance at the Living Spaces in Monrovia.  The signing was scheduled from 10am to 12pm so I made sure to get up early and got there two hours before the signing was supposed to begin.  As with the Hershiser signing last week, the Living Spaces staff passed out wrist bands about 45 minutes before the signing was to begin.  I was lucky #99 another Dodger connection!  A few mintues before 10am, they moved everyone into the store and even provided soft drinks and water to the people in line.  We were told Rick was running late but at least Vic The Brick from AM570 was there to keep the crowd entertained.  Rick arrived around 10:20 and started signing.  I will say that the line was definitely slow moving as Rick was taking time to chat and pose for pictures with anyone who asked.  After about 40 minutes, I made it to Rick but my camera was acting up so no pictures for me.  It really doesn't matter because I was happy with my autograph! He signed my game ball that was already signed by Derek Fisher and Robert Horry.

Take a look -

Much respect to the Living Spaces staff for keeping things orderly. I also want to give a shout out to a couple people I met in line and made the time go by quicker. It was nice to meet George & his family and it was good talking with David.  Hope you've checked out the blog David. I'm sure i'll be seeing you at future signings.

True to the Blue!


  1. Hey Martin I just found your blog. Keep up the good work, great blog man. It was fun chatting it up with you at the Rick Fox signing. I am sure I will run into you in future signings as well.


  2. Looks good! Foxy has a nice signature.

  3. @ David - thanks man & thanks for checking out the blog!

    @ DB - yeah, he really does. It's definitely a cool looking signature