Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dodger Opening Day Festivities

Above is the special Opening Day only cover of Dodgers Magazine.  I got to Chavez Ravine about an hour before game time and headed into the left field gift shop to see what was new for this season.  One of the first things I noticed was a new t-shirt for the ladies made by NIKE.
Take a look -

For the guys there were also a couple of new shirts made by NIKE.  I actually saw a few people wearing these at Camelback Ranch.  The Ethier one is pretty sweet!
Take a look -

Once it was time for the game to begin, you could just feel the electricity in the stadium.  They introduced both teams and of course the Giants were heavily booed!  Before the National Anthem was sung the Dodgers played a video tribute to Duke Snider and made mention that the players would be honoring Duke with a patch on their jerseys.

Members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces came out and unfurled a huge flag for the National Anthem which was sung by Placido Domingo.  His rendition was awesome!

As soon as the National Anthem was over, there was a fly-over by a Stealth Bomber and there was a release of Doves.

Both teams during the National Anthem

Up next was the Ceremonial First Pitch.  Everyone knew it was going to be Fernando Valenzuela but the way the Dodgers presented it was great!  Vin Scully was introduced and while video highlights played Jerry Reuss was introduced and came out to the mound.  Vin talked about how Reuss was scheduled to be the Opening Day starter in 1981 but was injured.  Vin mentioned how Burt Hooten would've been next in the rotation but he was hurt also.  Vin introduced Tommy Lasorda and Tommy waddled his way out to the mound.  Once Tommy got there, Vin explained how Tommy made the decision in 1981 to go with the unknown young lefty Fernando Valenzuela.  I was laughing as I watched Tommy take the ball from Reuss, turn to the Dodger dugout and tap his left arm.  Next, Vin introduced Fernando Valenzuela and El Toro came out to the mound, took the ball and delivered a high strike to Reuss for the Ceremonial First Pitch.  It was also funny to see Fernando trying to convince Tommy to let him throw the pitch from the front of the mound but Tommy insisted he throw the pitch from the rubber.

Once all the hoopla was over, Clayton Kershaw delivered a first pitch strike and the season was underway!  I will give my thoughts on the game later and i'm sure most everyone knows the Dodgers got the 2-1 victory.

Here's a pic of the cars driving in through the Sunset entrance, a picture of the Playbill for this homestand and the magnet schedule that was given out.

True to the Blue!

P.S. Yes, I tried a Doyer Dog and they are good! Yes, they played Don't Stop Believin' in the Bottom of the 8th and Jameson Moss was there once again, this time standing on top of the Dodger Dugout and using Tommy Lasorda to point at a Dodger cap at the end of the song.

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