Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Andre Ethier Action Figure

For those of you that collect action figures and/or sports figurines, the McFarlane MLB Playmakers Series 2 action figures have been released and are available now.  This series includes the following 10 players: Kevin Youkilis, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Stephen Strasburg, Johan Santana, Joe Mauer, Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols and Andre Ethier.  These action figures are poseable and come in either a batting or fielding pose.  However, Derek Jeter and Andre Ethier are available in both a fielding and hitting version.

I'm not quite sure if it looks like Andre but if you are a collector of these action figures, i'm sure you will be adding it to your collection.  Here are some pics of the Ethier figure:

Ethier will also have a figure when McFarlane MLB 28 is released later this summer.  Check out my post from last month here


  1. Looks nothing like Dre, but I still want one.

  2. Yeah, not even close! Looks like they gave him a Pujols beard.