Monday, February 25, 2013

New Ethier and Kershaw T-Shirts

On Saturday, I blogged about two new Nike Matt Kemp t-shirts.  You can view that post here. Today we'll take a look at two other Nike t-shirts.  The first one, which you can see above, is the Clayton Kershaw t-shirt.  With the nicely worded UP & IN LIKE KERSHAW across the chest.  The second t-shirt, which you can see below, is the new Nike Andre Ethier t-shirt which reads, DRIVE 'EM HOME LIKE ETHIER.
I like all four of the new t-shirt a lot.  Both the Kemp shirts, the Kershaw and the Ethier are all available for purchase in time for Opening Day and the 2013 season.  Which one, if any, will you be buying?

True to the Blue!

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