Sunday, January 6, 2013

Adrian Gonzalez Signature Bat & T-Shirt

Dodger first baseman Adrian Gonzalez uses a bat from TRINITY BAT CO.  Like most major league players, he has his own signature model, the PS27:1.  I think it's pretty cool that he used a bible verse for the letters and numbers for his model number.  Most players incorporate their uniform numbers or something similar.  Here is a pic of the PS27:1 model.

TRINITY BAT CO also sells AGon23 t-shirts via their website linked here The t-shirts sell for $15.00.  Check out the picture below.

Last year TRINITY BAT CO held a charity Homerun Challenge, see my post linked here , which benefited former Mater Dei High School and Arizona State University (ASU) baseball player, Cory Hahn, who was paralyzed during a game at ASU.  TRINITY BAT CO will be hosting their 2nd Annual Homerun Challenge this year.  Check back tomorrow for details.  Also don't forget Adrian Gonzalez will have an autograph signing this Saturday.  Click here for post with all the info.

True to the Blue!

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