Saturday, July 26, 2014

Matt Kemp Trade Rumors

With the MLB trade deadline less than a week away, the trade rumors are heating up.
Here are the latest Matt Kemp trade rumors from around the web.

Baseball writer Danny Knobler tweeted the following:

Andrew Marchand of ESPNNewYork tweeted:

The following excerpts are from Jon Heyman of

"The Dodgers are making calls, and rival executives have the feeling the Dodgers are ready to move on, if possible. And Kemp, an LA guy as an Oklahoma product could ever hope to become, apparently is ready to go, too."

"Five teams are said to have shown interest, or at least talked to the Dodgers, and you can be sure L.A. will keep in touch with those teams."

"Word going around the game is that things are deteriorating between Kemp, and the field staff."

"One rival executive asked about Kemp suggested he wouldn't touch what's left of that $160-million contract, which seemed very reasonable at the time despite being the largest ever in the NL when it was signed, and another executive said he's getting “mixed” reports about Kemp's play and recent persona. Both executives noted that they had heard Kemp and the field staff aren't seeing eye-to-eye."

In the same article, Heyman attributed the following quotes to Kemp's agent Dave Stewart:

“Eight years is a long time to be in one place. Sometimes change is good. This might be the time to change.”

“It's been up and down his whole career. It's never been smooth. Some of it's the player, some of it's the situation. It's not the player, it's not management, it's both. It's never smooth.”

“He's busted his ass. He's run into walls. At some point, you do something good for the player.  Whether you play him in center field, or you trade him, you do something"
It will be interesting to see if Kemp is actually traded by the deadline.  The Dodgers could use some arms to shore up their starting pitching and the back end of their bullpen. 
True to the Blue!

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