Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Dodgers Community Caravan

The Dodgers 2014 Community Caravan takes place this week.  The caravan gets started January 27, 2014 and will conclude on Friday January 31, 2014.  Below are the Dodger alumni who will be participating and the locations of where the caravan will stop.

Monday January 27, 2014
Ron Cey, Kenny Landreaux, Matt Luke and Dennis Powell will visit Children's Hospital Los Angeles (1:00 - 4:30pm).

Tuesday January 28 2014
Tommy Davis, Sweet Lou Johnson, Tim Leary, and Derrel Thomas will visit Moffitt Elementary in Norwalk (10:30am-1:30pm and will host the McBride Park Teen Center for ice skating at Dodger Stadium (3:30pm -7:15pm).

Wednesday January 29, 2014
Tommy Davis, Sweet Lou Johnson, Lee Lacy, Wes Parker and Bill Russell will West Adams Preparatory High School (8:00am-10:30am) and will have lunch at Los Angeles Universal pre-school after reading to students (10:45am-12:30pm).

Thursday January 30, 2014 
Billy Ashley, Ron Cey, Al Ferrara, Reggie Smith, and Steve Yeager will visit Operation Gratitude in Van Nuys (10:00am-12:00pm).

Friday January 31, 2014
Nick Buss, Drew Butera, Carl Crawford, Tim Fedoriwicz, Stephen Fife, Dee Gordon, Matt Magill, Paco Rodriguez, Hyun Jin Ryu, Justin Sellers, Scott Van Slyke, Brian Wilson, Javy Guerra, Yasiel Puig, Jarret Martin, Seth Rosin, Alex Guerrero, John Valentin, and Charley Steiner will visit Kidspace Children's Museum (9:00am-11:15am).

Homeboy Industries (12:00pm-2:00pm)

Weingart East LA YMCA (2:30pm-3:45pm)

Dodgers Dream Field at Jesse Owens Park (4:30pm-6:30pm)

True to the Blue!

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