Thursday, August 22, 2013

Great News! Vin Scully to return in 2014

The great Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times is reporting the Dodgers will make an announcement Friday confirming Vin Scully will return for the 2014 season.

"It has been such an exciting, enjoyable, wonderful season — the big crowds in the ballpark, everybody is talking about the ballclub, and I really respect, admire and love the management — so everything just fell into place."
"I really still enjoy it immensely. My health is good, thank God. So why not? And my wife said, 'Why not?' as well.  Just the thought of walking away from it to retirement — and looking out the window or something? It's just too good. As a baseball man, and someone who has always loved the game, the situation and the conditions are perfect."
When asked if he would consider an offer to announce a few innings on television if the Dodgers make the World Series, Scully told Shaikin:
"I wouldn't feel that I deserved to be there.  I would feel that I would be an intruder. And I don't ever want to be that."
"Even if the Dodgers go into the World Series, it's run by networks now — understandably, because they pay the big money. So, no, I wouldn't want to do something just because someone said, 'Oh, let him do an inning.' I wouldn't want any part of that."
I the Dodgers do indeed make the World Series, we'll still be able to hear Vin on the radio.  I couldn't be happier that he'll be back in 2014 for his 65th season!
True to the Blue!

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