Monday, August 5, 2013

Dodger Autographs - Dodgers vs Yankees 7/30/13

On Tuesday July 30, 2013, the Dodgers hosted the Yankees in the first game of a two game series.  As part of a package my dad and I purchased through MasterCard, we were able to be on the field during Dodgers batting practice.  Thinking this would be a great opportunity to obtain some autographs, my nephew and I came prepared with 8x10s, baseballs, and baseball cards.

As with most days at Dodger Stadium, even though we had the advantage of being on the field during batting practice, some Dodgers were tough autographs to get.  Instead of talking about who shunned us, i'll share pictures of which autographs we were able to obtain.  First up, is the Yasiel Puig autograph on the 8x10 above.  Even though, there is a tiny smudge on one of the 6's, this photo looks clean!

Take a look at the pics below.

Andre Ethier 8x10

Nick Punto 8x10

Hanley Ramirez 8x10

Maury Wills Playbill and Jaime Jarrin Playbill

Adrian Gonzalez on a Trinity Bat Co. bookmark

Mark McGwire tossed me a pre-signed batting practice ball

Don Mattingly

Yasiel Puig side paneled this ball

So I got Tim Wallach on the other side

Rick Honeycutt and Steve Yeager twice

Hanley Ramirez and Chris Capuano twice

Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier

Anytime you come away with autographs at Dodger Stadium is a good day.  The Dodgers picking up the win, made it even better!

True to the Blue!


  1. Holy crap! You had an amazing day! Money well spent.

  2. Great job.
    Guess that's why you didn't need my Puig anymore.
    Good for you
    Ive never been able to get Hanley at the stadium.

    1. Thanks DP! It was definitely a good night.

  3. Is that a the Mastercard Priceless Los Angeles offer? I see it offers baseline seats but no access to the field?

    1. Steve that is the Mastercard priceless Los Angeles offer. They have different packages. There are a few different seat locations and only some offer the on-field VIP batting practice experience.

    2. Thanks for the response! You have some great autographs! Congratulations!

    3. Thanks Steve and thanks for checking out my blog!