Thursday, April 26, 2012

Andre Ethier's New Bat

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo

I could be wrong but it looks like Andre Ethier is using a new bat for the 2012 season.  I didn't notice the new bat during 2011 but like I previously stated, I could be wrong.  Early in his career, Ethier had a signature Easton bat.  Take a look below.

Then about two seasons ago, he started swinging a signature Louisville Slugger.  Take a look at the picture.

Last year during his 30-game hitting streak, he was even seen swinging Matt Kemp's signature KEMPMAN Louisville Slugger. 

So far this year, Ethier's bat has jumped out at me twice.  First off, it's no longer a black bat.  This year he has been using a natural wood colored bat.  The first time I noticed his bat was after the home opener on April 10th when he hit the go-ahead homerun.  Later I checked the LA Times and saw this photo.

Photo Credit: Robert Gauthier/LA Times

Take note of the lighter wood color and the "bat" logo located on his bat.  After I saw the above picture, I kept noticing it on television and in other photos.  Take a look at the photo below taken during a Spring Training game against the Brewers on March 30th.

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo

Take note in the picture above of the "bat" logo on the barrell of the bat.  Just today I saw the picture below taken Wednesday night against the Braves.

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo

I did a little research on this bat and it is a SamBat.  SamBat was founded by Sam Holman in 1997 and was the first maple wood bat approved for the major leagues.  They claim to have 100 major league players using the SamBat and it should be noted reigning NL MVP Ryan Braun uses a SamBat.  Take a look at the SamBat logo.

I found it interesting that Ethier was using a new bat model.  As superstitious as some ball players are, I wonder how much credit he gives his bat for his fast start in 2012?

True to the Blue!

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