Saturday, March 10, 2012

Video Post: Andre Ethier Shows Off His House & Cars

During the off season MLB Network show Intentional Talk with Chris Rose & Kevin Millar ventured out to Arizona to visit Andre Ethier at his home.  Millar sat down with Ethier and discussed manager Don Mattingly being New York royalty, Andre's favorite visiting club house, Andre's favorite city on the road.  Andre even showed off his cars.

Take a look at the video below


  1. I live two houses down from him! His house has changed a bit since this interview was done. He and his family are really nice, and its an honor to be able to know him.

    1. Tyler, you are one lucky dude! You are probably the envy of many Andre Ethier fans living that close to him! Glad to hear that he and his family are very nice.