Monday, March 26, 2012

Ramon Sessions & Steve Garvey Autograph Signings - Recap & Photos

On Saturday March 24th, Lakers point guard, Ramon Sessions made an autograph appearance at America's Tire in Long Beach and was sponsored by Kumho Tires.  Sessions was scheduled to sign autographs from 3pm - 4pm.  I arrived at America's Tire at around 1:15pm and there were about 150 people already in line.  I noticed everyone in line had wristbands and was glad to see it since only the frist 200 people were guaranteed autographs.  At approximately 2pm, Kumho representatives came back around with more wristbands and I was given #187.  More on the wristbands later.

Sessions arrived on time at 3pm and after taking a few pictures with Kumho Tires and America's Tire reps, he started signing around 3:15pm.  They provided free 8x10's to anyone that didn't have an item to get signed.  At around 3:40pm one of the security guys started coming around the line saying he noticed people were getting back in line with their wristbands or were swapping wristbands with other people.  He said because of this not everyone with a wristband would be guaranteed an autograph.  I was pretty irritated since i had been in line for almost 3 hours.  I suggested to him they should cut people's wristbands off after they get their autograph instead of leaving them on!  After a few more people got their auto's, they started cutting off wristbands.

By 3:50pm I made it to the front of the line and got two items signed.  I had a generic Lakers 8x10 signed and since Ramon was really cool I asked him to sign one of the free 8x10's as well.  I really didn't have time to talk to him but did welcome him to L.A. and he replied, "it's good to be here".  I took my autos, jumped in my truck and headed to the city of Tustin where Steve Garvey was making an autograph appearance at Tustin Nissan.  Check out the photos from the Sessions signing

After making a quick pit stop for gas, I was on the freeway headed for Tustin.  Garvey was scheduled to sign from 4pm-6pm at Tustin Nissan so I wasn't too worried that I wouldn't make it.  I arrived at Tustin Nissan by 4:25pm and jumped in line.  There were probably only about 25 people in line and I noticed several people arriving who were also at the Sessions signing. 

I already have several Garvey autographs on baseballs and photos however, I wanted to get his bobblehead signed.  While in line I got to chat with David and Alex after they got their autos.  These guys are always at signings and are two of the coolest guys you'll run into.  They both got several items signed. 

There were a few people in front of me and behind me that had already gone through the line and were back getting more things signed.  The line was short enough and it was early enough so I didn't mind.  However, Tustin Nissan management were getting a little irritated that they "noticed people getting back in line."  I made it to the front of the line within 20 minutes and got my bobblehead signed.  Garvey asked if I had his musical bobblehead and I told him, I did not but it was on my list of must gets.  Garvey kinda butchered the bobblehead autograph but oh well, since it was free, I didn't mind.  They also had some stock 5x7 photos and Garvey was kind enough to sign one for me too.  Check out the pics below.

Overall, two great free signings.  Aside from people swapping out wristbands both signings ran smooth.  Like I told the Kumho employees, just cut off the wristbands.  Another mistake they made at the Sessions signing was they just handed people wristbands instead of putting them directly on the person's wrist.  Several people also pulled the, "my kids or my friends are on their way" and were handed more wristbands.  I generally don't care if you try and get in line a second time but get in at the back of the line, don't cut in front of others who haven't gone through once yet.  Just my opinion.

Tip of the cap to Ernest at for the info on the Garvey signing.
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  1. Great recap Martin and thanks for the shout out. It's always fun running into old friends at signings. See ya at the next one.

    1. Most def David! It really is good to run into old friends at signings. I'm looking forward to baseball season because it means there will be alot more signings.