Saturday, December 3, 2011

NFL Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood Book Signing - Photos & Recap

Back in September, Former Los Angeles Rams Hall of Famer Jack Younblood along with auther D.W. Cooper released his second biography, Because It Was Sunday - The Legend of Jack Younblood.  On October 23, 2011, Youngblood had a book signing at the ESPN Zone located at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles.  A Q&A session was also scheduled to begin at 11:30.  During the week on Facebook, Youngblood confirmed he would sign copies of his book and other items that fans wanted to bring. He also stated he planned to bring other former Rams with him including Fred Dryer, Vince Ferragamo and Rich Saul.

I arrived by 10:30 and realized the big viewing room where the signing was to take place was already full of Rams fans eating and watching Sunday morning NFL games.  Since the room was full I took a seat at the bar ordered a drink and had some lunch.  I bought a copy of the book in the ESPN Zone gift shop and entered the viewing room around 11:15 for the Q&A.  I stood along the wall since there were no seats but much to my surprise this eventually became the line for autographs and I happened to be first in line!

During the Q&A Youngblood's former teammate and actor Fred Dryer joined him and the two NFL greats reminisced.  For reasons unknown, Ferragamo and Saul did not show up. Once the Q&A was complete there were a few minutes of down time and as Fred Dryer walked by me, I asked him if he'd sign my 1980 Topps card.  He agreed and I busted out my blue sharpie.
Take a look at the signed card.

After about 5 minutes the book signing began.  It was announced due to media commitments and the large crowd, Youngblood would not be signing outside items until everyone's book was signed and then he would sign fan items.  Youngblood, signed my book and was very talkative.  I told him I still had my signed copy of his first biography and he said, I should enjoy this one too.  After he signed my book, I took a chance and asked him if he'd sign my Rams 1984 OfficialYearbook. There was a few second hesitation and he just signed it. I thanked him, shook his hand and headed home!  It was a great experience and as a life long long suffering Rams fan, it was a good day.

Take a look at my signed book with the HOF 01 inscription and some other pics.  I will post pictures of the signed yearbook in my next post.

Me & Jack photo by Christopher Grisanti

Jack Youngblood & Fred Dryer photo by Christopher Grisanti

Stay tuned for photos & recap from a couple more signings.

True to the Blue!


  1. Cool experience! I can't believe how old Fred Dryer looks.

  2. Thanks DB! Yeah man, I hate to say it but he looks really old!

  3. i was a big fan of the youngblood 'brothers' growing up! wish i could have been there.

  4. gcrl - it was definitely a good day!