Thursday, October 6, 2011

Matt Kemp Looking For Contract Extension's Ramon Shelburne reported on Ned Colletti's desire to sign Matt Kemp to a contract extension this season.  However, Colletti has not put a timeline in place.  According to Shelburne, Kemp's agent, Dave Stewart would like to see the deal done by Opening Day.

Ned Colletti -

"Whenever you have a negotiation, one side's always got the right to say they're not doing anything.  Or two sides have the right to say that, or two sides have the ability to say, 'Yeah, let's do something.' So however that goes, we'll do what we can do from our side of it. We can't control the other side no matter who it is."

Dave Stewart -

"Matt is the guy that I work for, it would be my advice to him to just play and let's not do any negotiations during the course of the year.  I've been a player and I've been in that position before and it's a distraction. For me, especially in next year's season, the most important thing is just have Matt concentrate on having another great year. To go out and play. This stuff would be a distraction for him and for the ballclub."

"Right now, what we're planning to do is a one-year arbitration. When the phone rings and Ned calls, if he proposes something different then we'll look to do something different, but right now we're preparing ourselves for a one-year arbitration and we've started preparations for that already."

True to the Blue!

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