Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dodger Survey

On Monday morning I received an e-mail from the Dodgers asking me to take a survey.  It was based on the fact that I attended some games last year.  Thought I'd share what they asked because it looks like they might be changing things up as far as the in-game entertainment/music.

The first question was a general question asking how many games I attended. I attended about 15 games last year.  That's alot of parking money!!

Question #2 "How would you rate the music selection at Dodger Stadium this past season (2010)?"
The choices were Love it, Like it, Don't care/didn't notice, Don't like & Can't stand it. Not that I pay too much attention, except to maybe paying attention to the at bat songs of each player, but I said I liked it.

Question #3 "How would you rate the music volume at Dodger Stadium this past season (2010)?"
The choices were Too loud, Just right, Too soft & N/A. I went with just right.  I honestly thing the music is loud enough.

Question #4 "How would you rate the organ volume at Dodger Stadium this past season (2010)?"
The choices were Too loud, Just right & Too soft. I'm a big fan of Nancy Bea so I selected too soft!

Question #5 "During a Dodgers game, what would you prefer the organist vs music over the sound system split to be?"
The choices were 0% organist-100% music, 25% organist-75% music, 50% organist-50% music, 75% organist-25% music & 100% organist- 0% music. I actually think there is a place for both so I selected 50/50.

Question #6 "What three genres of music would you like to be played during Dodgers games?"
They listed several genres so based on my personal taste I selected classic rock, current rock & hip-hop/R&B

Question #7 "How important are the following to your in-game entertainment?"
Classic baseball songs, general sports themed songs, organ music, songs that make you want to dance, songs you can sing along to & pop music. I was asked to rate them from 5-very important to 1-not at all important.
Let's just say I didn't think classic baseball songs, general sports themed songs or songs that make you want to dance were that important. As I stated before i'm a big Nancy Bea fan so let's say I think organ music is very important and pop music and music you can sing along with are somewhat important.

Question #8 "Do you like 'Don't Stop Believin' played in the middle of the 8th?"
The choices were Love it, Like it & Don't care about it/don't notice it. Go ahead and hate me for this one but I chose that I liked it!

However, before you hate me too much, the very next section gave me the opportunity to comment.  My additional comment was that I think that 'Don't Stop Believin' being played in the middle of the 8th has run its course.  I think what Jameson Moss does with his lip synching routine is pretty funny but it is probably time to stop playing it.  I know alot of Dodger fans never liked it and even more started to not like it after Steve Perry from Journey came forward and stated his love for the hated Giants.  I think it's funny that the Dodgers chose to play this song considering the White Sox have done it for several years.

More importantly, it will be interesting to see what happens once the season starts on March 31st.  More Nancy Bea on the organ? More piped in music over the public address system? What will be the fate of 'Don't Stop Believin'?  What say you, Dodger fans?

True to the Blue!!

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