Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Matt Kemp Defends Decision to Participate in Homerun Derby

Photo courtesy FOX News Channel

As we all know, Matt Kemp didn't do to well in the 2012 Homerun Derby Monday night.  Matt only hit one homerun and was not a factor in the contest.  It reminded me of other Dodgers who struggled in the homerun derby.  Mike Piazza hit 0 homeruns in back to back contests in 1993 and 1994.  Raul Mondesi was only able to muster up 2 homeruns in 1995.  If I were a Dodger, I would stay away from the All Star Game Homerun Derby!

Matt Kemp also got a lot of bad press for participating in the Homerun Derby with a healing hamstring injury.  I didn't have a problem with it.  He's played in live minor league games and is ready to come of the disabled list tomorrow.  If the injury was more recent it would probably be a different story.

Yesterday, Matt was interviewed on FOX News Channel's Studio B with Shepard Smith.  They touched on a variety of subjects.  Check out the excerpts below courtesy of FOX News Channel's Studio B with Shepard Smith.
On New York Yankees player Robinson Cano being booed at the 2012 Home Run Derby:

“Ya I don’t quite understand that, you know that’s a great guy somebody I’ve known for a long, long time. Before I even got to the big leagues we played winter ball together so you know I think he just went out there and picked the team he thought would help him win the derby and you know the American League actually won it so I don’t think many fans can complain about the results of it.”

On why he thinks some sports reporters criticized his participation in the Home Run Derby:

“I guess some of them were thinking that I shouldn’t participate in the Home Run Derby but I don’t think people realize I’ve been taking batting practice for the last month. My leg feels good, my first game is going to be here in the next two days and I’m excited to get back on the field. I mean they’re going to write what they want to write, it’s all good.”

On the awards he received from the Negro League:

“It was an unbelievable feeling to receive the awards I accepted. You know, just going there for the first time and seeing some of the history of the Negro Leagues and where they came from and what they represent and them paving the way for us as African American athletes it was just unbelievable. And not really realizing how much the Negro Leagues did so many things that brought more to the game of Major League Baseball. So it was a special day for me and my family and we enjoyed the museum.”

On playing with the team’s new owner, Magic Johnson:

“Magic and the group, they’re great. They’ve been nothing but positive and doing some great things around there so far. You know Magic is a great guy he’s one of the most humble guys I’ve ever met in my life and just a great guy to talk to. He definitely knows the importance of the Dodgers to LA and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get our team to wherever we need to go.”

True to the Blue!

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